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Looking for a reliable and trustworthy auto repair shop? Look no further! We offer all types of service across all major car brands and deliver only the best quality at a fair price.


We are glad you are visiting our website. Here you will find information about our daily work and our services. Give us a call and will be glad to answer any questions you may have.


Get geared up for summer with our special summer inspections and air conditioning check. This includes an AC system check, enging cooling system check and a safety check.  Let us give your vehicle a thorough inspection. We offer a full head to toe inspection for $45! To make it even better, if we perform any repairs to the vehicle based on this inspection (even weeks later) the $45 is reimbursed to you!


It can happen anytime - small or major issues with your car need to be repaired. The unexpected can happen at any time. We can help repair minor or major damage, across a wide variety of vehicle makes, foriegn and domestic vehicles. Furthermore, we offer a broad range of original replacement parts.


We also install lift kits and leveling kits for your truck!